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Emotions are an integral part of our life, our body … They are part of our «emotional body», the more subtle parts of our being that are not visible to the eye. Although we do not see them, we cannot deny their existence. In this sense, they are real and are an integral part of our being, just like our physical body.

This can be best exemplified by each of us in the moments when they occur … Sometimes these feelings are so intense that they seem to overwhelm us. That is why I am writing this text to clarify what emotions are and how we should look at them and release them.

Emotions are vibrations that occur in our body with certain events, or a way of thinking … Most people think that there are negative and positive emotions, but it is this «understanding» of emotions that puts people in a state of suffering. Every emotion is ok. And every emotion is fleeting. That’s the quality of emotions. What scares us when we are feeling a particular emotion is our judging, the way we look at it- we consider it good or bad. We start to think about emotions. And emotions are just something that we can only experience with the body (the emotional body), and not with the mind, so we should keep in mind that every time an emotion arises, we should put the mind aside. It is the mind that likes to divide things: the good and the bad,the mind always condemns, criticize …

All emotions are ok, ie. all emotions serve to some purpose and are equally important. If we do not release our emotions, if we do not acknowledge them, ie. we suppress them, they will find a way to manifest themselves, because the energy cannot be destroyed. In the long run suppressing and not acknowledging one’s own emotions leads to illness. So, contrary to our fears that a certain intense emotion will lead us into a state of illness, suppressing the same can bring us that.

What may often confuse us is the appearance of certain emotions outside the logical context, but this is precisely what confirms to us that emotion cannot be destroyed and disappeared. It must be manifested eventually. That is why at times when everything seems to be good, calm … there are some emotions that we cannot relate to a given situation. This is  because we didn’t release them when we needed to.

Emotions are like water-they flow through our body.When emotions arise we should notice them and allow them to be. Just like the water they will be there some time and then leave, flow…If we do not allow them to be, then they will stay in us and look for a way to manifest themselves. But then they will resemble on stagnant water, and sometimes it can be stinky water. Therefore, we should treat ourselves and our emotions carefully and respect every aspect of our being equally without fear, labeling, and condemnation.


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