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Property Bio comes from property good

Mark originated from desire to provide conscious customer with details of the place and method of cultivation, as well as the processing of selected organic products. The initial portfolio of products under this mark represents the agricultural good Ecoagri Serbia d.o.o. from Bela Crkva in Banat (www.ecoagri.rs), dedicated exclusively to organic farming of cereals and oilseeds. With mandatory Serbian certificate, company also carries the EU Bio and Bio Suisse certificates and a wide range of organic farming cultures exclusively exports to Switzerland and Germany.

Organic concept

The name “organic” (product) derives from the idea that food production is regarded as a unique, harmonious organism. This approach excludes the use of pesticides, heavy metals, additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, antibiotics, hormones, medicines, and certainly use of GMO. Prevention is the basic principle in farming, preservation, processing and packaging of organic products. Uncompromising access to all aspects of organic business – unification and protection of possessions, and specialization of experts, equipment and facilities – is a prerequisite that minimizes the risk of contamination of organic products. Responsible host therefore strive for the unification of the process, from field to table.

Ecoagri Serbia

Our agricultural good for farming, Ecoagri Serbia is guided exclusively by the organic principles of farming, preservation and processing of cereals and oilseeds. Our continuous care for quality has been awarded by the most prestigious Bio Suisse certificate. Our buyers of cereals and oilseeds are important players in the demanding markets of Switzerland and the EU. We tilth about 2,000 ha, which makes us the largest organic farmer in the wider region. We responsibly keep our crops in a dedicated silo. Our cereals are stone cold milled on our modern stone mill and are packed in quality packing in our factory. Mill products produced by traditional cold milling on a modern stone mill, whole grain and black flour, brans with germs, whole grain grits, as well as grain seeds, are packaged in quality packaging in our factory. The pallet of products will soon be expanded with white flour and white grits from our own mill.


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