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Our story

Ecoagri Serbia is the largest domestic regional producer of organic cereals. We produce about 2,000 ha, which is almost a third of the total Serbian effective organic area. In addition to the Serbian hallmark, we carry EU Bio and (the prestigious) Bio Suisse certificate for our products. We are the only one to have  high capacity specialized silos (12.500t) in the wider region. Complete cereal production is exported to Switzerland and Germany, with  contracting in advance. We exhibit independently at Biofach and other fairs.

Organic Flour

Our products are the result of full commitment, perseverance and faith in our own ability.



In order to reach the current level, we had to endure numerous temptations without any support. This included significant financial losses, especially during the conversion.


  • When I became a mother, I began to be interested in everything that is best for my children, so I naturally arrived to the part about nutrition. Until then, such topics didn’t occupy my attention so much and then suddenly it has become one of...

  • It’s good to know something about nutritional supplements, additives that, unfortunately, have become part of our everyday life. These are all those E letters that you can read on the back of most products. You probably wouldn’t even want to know what goes in the...

  • Autumn has arrived. I love this season. Perhaps even more than all the others … It refers to childhood, enjoying the quiet days, jumping in the rain puddles, beginning of the school, smell of roasted peppers prepared for the ajvar, the last warm days and...

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