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My vote goes to organic

When I became a mother, I began to be interested in everything that is best for my children, so I naturally arrived to the part about nutrition.
Until then, such topics didn’t occupy my attention so much and then suddenly it has become one of the most important topics in my life, and I have to admit that it is still like that today. I realized the importance of a proper, balanced nutrition that involved the consumption of high-quality food, to provide my children everything that is needed for normal growth and development.

I have broaden my perspective by reading various literature on this topic and there has always been a variety of views and opinions, from those that meat is unnecessary to those that it is highly important. There are those that tell us it is enough to take only raw food-fruits and vegetables, and also those that are telling how cooked food is irreplaceable and mandatory if we want to be sure that we have killed all pathogens and bacteria. Since I’m not someone who likes to go to extreme, I’ve always tried to find balance in everything and to find what will suit my sensibility when it comes to food. One thing is for sure in this matter and all the supporters of different types of foods have always agreed about one thing- we should eat organic food.

Organic food does not include pesticides and artificial fertilizers and doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms and therefore best suit the needs of human (and any other organism). Including organic food in my family’s nutrition, I was always sure that the quality of what they ate was the best, because it is food in its original form without any add-ons, colors, flavors and everything else …

That always kept me calm when I was unsure whether I’ve chosen the best way of nutrition for my family. I always try to stick to this course when it comes to food. Again, I’m not a saint, so here and there we make some excursion with food that does not belong to this category, but i try to buy organic products most of the time and I feel calm because I know that there is no mistake with it.

You have to admit that the food topic is very important in our lives and I suppose for majority of us good part of the day passes in thinking of what to eat, that it is nutritious and tasty enough. When the decision falls on organic food, I’m sure you are hitting both of these categories.


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