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About yoga, love for ourselves and our duties

About yoga, love for ourselves and our duties

Yoga has entered my life long time ago and now after many years of regular yoga practice, and finishing the training course for yoga I can say that it has become an integral part of my life. It is something like my daily hygiene and practicing it I manage to provide for myself a sufficient amount of physical activity, as well as daily work on myself.
Now after so many years of practicing yoga, I can not imagine my life without it. Yoga has become my inner need, something that always brings me back to the right path, which keeps me balanced and facilitates my daily functioning.

Family life-life with children can be very dynamic and all those everyday interactions can take away a lot of energy. Family life is something that fills us on one side, “charging our batteries” and gives us a motive for everyday tasks and long-term goals, but it also often leaves us tired and exhausted, which, I suppose, many moms will agree. Just right there, in those moments in my life yoga enters the scene. Those are the moments when I can be in contact with myself, with the person I least meet during the day.

Through yoga, I get in touch with my body. On that mat I ask myself how I am and what I need, is there something I do wrong and how much I deviate from my authenticity. I listen to the messages of the body and I learn to accept myself.

This is what for me means love for myself. One pause during the day when you will come into contact with yourself, which will allow you to listen to your needs and treat yourself carefully, gently and conscientiously, as a parent treat the child, can bring you peace which is necessary for the continuation of the day and smooth functioning.

I think it is our duty to discover for ourselves what is that thing that brings us peace and fulfillment, and also what brings us back on the right path, because only in this way we can be functional and good for ourselves, and for everyone else too.

I wish you all to discover your practice through which you come to the love for yourself.

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