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Organic brown flax seed

270 din.

Flax seed is a real treasury of health. It is a remarkable laxative that eliminates toxins. It contains a large percentage of dietary fiber and reduces the sense of hunger. It is one of the largest sources of natural lignin and one of the best sources of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. It has strong anti-cancer effects, it lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. It has a beneficial effect on weight regulation, protects against heart disease, stroke and thrombosis due to its ability to dilute blood. Flaxseed is a good ally dissolving the stones from the kidneys and bile, because it influences the secretion of the fluid. Research has shown that regular consumption of flax seeds prevents and treats breast canacer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, lowers blood cholesterol levels and strengthens the heart muscle.

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    Cooking recipe


    -2 egg whites

    -2 spoons of ground flax seed

    -pinch of salt


    -bacon slices

    -slices of roast pork

    -2 yolks


    -gouda cheese

    Mix the egg whites and than add flax seed and salt. Bake the pancake on a hot pan. Take the pancake out, and fry the bacon, slices of roast pork, scallion and 2 yolks in the same pan. Take out the fill from the pan, put the pancake back in the pan and put the fill on top of it, than put some grinded cheese on it. Roll the pancake and put it on the plate.

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    Link to product specification No. 33, article B31

    Allergy info: May contain traces of gluten

    Moisture up to 10%

    Country of origin: Serbia

    Produced and packaged by Ecoagri Serbia LLC, Ekstravilan bb, 26340Bela Crkva (Banat)


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