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Organic spelt white flour type 630

175 din.

Spelt is an ancient cereal widely known for its health and medical properties. Many people who are allergic to wheat are not allergic to spelt. Spelt contains an ideal ratio of  proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and cellulose. It contains vitamins from group B, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper and selenium. Spelt dietary fibers are an excellent choice for those with poor digestion. Spelt is a high protein source, which helps build muscles and cells recovery. Spelt contains gluten in small amount. It is soluble in water and when it gets hot it becomes easier to digest than gluten from wheat. It has more vitamin B than wheat, more K vitamins and it is richer in proteins. It has a large amount of simple and complex carbohydrates, which are an important factor in stimulating the immune system.

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    Cooking recipe


    15 spoons of spelt flour (type 630)

    10 spoons of cane sugar

    1 baking powder

    1 vanilla sugar (12g)

    pinch of salt

    pinch of grated muscat nut

    1 organic lemon

    3 eggs

    160 ml. of milk1

    60 ml. of oil (for baking)

    3 tablespoons of cocoa

    Prepare two bowls. In the first bowl, mix 15 tablespoons of spelt flour, 10 tablespoons of cane sugar , 1 baking powder, 1 vanilla sugar, pinch of salt, pinch of grated muscat nut and lemon zest. In the second bowl add 3 eggs, 160 ml. of milk and 160 ml. of oil (for baking).

    Mix the content of the first and second bowl and then pour half of the mixture into the kuglof mold.  Put 3 tablespoons of cocoa into the other half and pour it over the first layer . Gently mix the two mixtures  with wooden stick.

    Bake at 190 degrees for about 35-40 min.

    You can sprinkle it with powdered sugar when the cake has cooled .


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    Stone ground



    Link to product specification No. 41, article B52

    Allergy info: Contains gluten

    Moisture up to 15%

    Ash up to 0,63%

    Acid value 3,5

    Country of origin: Serbia

    Produced and packaged by Ecoagri Serbia LLC, Ekstravilan bb, 26340Bela Crkva (Banat)


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