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Organic food and organic human

Organic food and organic human

We are what we eat. Food is information. If our body gets the information that it can’t understand it would be confused.

We are all nature beings, derived from it, as part of a common source. Human is born as a part of nature and nature has tailored everything according to its measures, as it did with other living beings.

The whole planet which consists of animals and plants is also the perfect work of nature. The moment when human began to change his environment, he began to change himself.

It is completely clear that food that enters our body defines us at every level of existence: physical, mental, energetic … This perfect system will begin to break down in an effort to “understand” the information it received. It’s like we pump diesel fuel in a car that uses gasoline.

We need to see that as individuals we are obliged to take care of ourselves in this way. If our goal is to remain organic beings-nature’s beings, we must understand the necessity of turning to organic-natural sources of food.

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