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We often say that it is very important to be authentic, but we do not know exactly what this term implies. I think this term is very important in creating a mature person, in the process of individuation. Being authentic means throwing away everything that isn’t yours.

It sounds simple but most of us aren’t even aware of the extent to which we are shaped, molded, conditioned, until we get on that path.

Ever since the birth, children and later grown ups fit into certain social norms, codes of conduct, „right behavior“. In the beginning, it is transmitted by messages received from parents, guardians, and later we try to be part of the “system”. By fitting to all those standards, that are already set, we lose on our authenticity, we are losing ourselves and we slowly start to realise that we do not live our essence, that we are far away from what we truly are. Then starts the search for ourself and for our true nature.

Removing these masks and armors we puted on ourselves, removing all those expectations that we have from ourselves because of the expectations that others have had towards us, removing boundaries and ilusions- this should be our guiding star on this path which lead us to freedom.

This is not an easy road, but all valuable things comes through less beautiful things. It will bring us big changes-the demolition of the illusions about the world that surrounds us, which we have cherish for a lifetime, but that is the path that we must pass. It’s like tearing apart the skin of our body.

It can be painful, but what we’re about to find is a reward for all the pain we’ve been through – the beauty of authenticity, peace with ourself.

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