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Feelings-our road signs

Have you noticed that every time you feel good, some would say when you are in the present moment (that’s the moment when we feel that everything is good just as it is and when that feeling fills us, it inspires us…) it’s you, this is your true essence.

Feelings are given to us for this reason, as a guide that easily leads us and that shows us whether we are on the right path.

Every time we feel bad (whatever that feeling is- sorrow, anger, guilt …) our body gives us a sign that we are doing something against ourselves, against our very essence. And our soul is what we truly are, that is our essence.

So emotions are given to us as a wonderful guideline that directs us. Knowing that, we should be able to easier get rid of the burden that they carry with them. For this reason, many people tend to always feel good because our soul calls us to that. What is certain is that we can not know what is good, if we do not know what is bad.

In this world everything is made up of opposites, and in time we learned to look at things through the negative and positive eyeglasses and based on the emotions that we have regarding some events, people, things … we judge them as good or bad. That is why we have defensive attitude toward something that is “negative” or approving attitude if something is “good”.

And what if we look at the negative things favorably, as a gift given to us so we can see more quickly what are we doing wrong? With this knowledge, I hope, you can easily overcome certain life crises.

So whenever we feel bad, it is the soul’s call that tells us that we are not doing something right. What aren’t we doing right is everyone’s duty to discover for themselves.

The moment when we discover it and when we reject these negative programs, we begin to feel better and this is a sign that we are on the right track.

Our true essence is to feel good, or to feel peace. For that reason, be grateful for all the negative emotions that come to you at some point, they are there to help you to see that you are doing something wrong and that you should  go back to your true self.

The key is in expressing gratitude for everything and accepting things as they are , because everything has been given to us for our greatest good, no matter how „bad“ it looks like.

When we start to look at life like this, it will be much easier to go through various life challenges.

The change may not come quickly, but if you are in a sense of gratitude for everything, including some less pleasant things, that feeling of discomfort can be transformed into its own opposite, which is a clear sign that you are on the right track. It is the path of love, the path of the soul, the path of the heart, the path of acceptance ….


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