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Does poverty causes obesity

Does poverty causes obesity

Nowadays, there are more and more obese people, and consequently more and more sick people. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and many other diseases are commonly associated with obesity.

There are many studies today that proves that much more obesity is among the poor, than among those with a higher standard.

Although it sounds paradoxical that’s the fact. There is ¬†more and more processed food, cheap food and the one that is easy to prepare, which does not contain enough nutrients, but just “empty” calories.

Malnutrition is todays major problem and goes hand in hand with obesity. There is a large number of malnourished and obese children, as well as children who are lagging behind in development. So enough food today is not insurance from malnutrition.

It’s about insufficient intake of quality and nutritious ingredients.

There was a study conducted in Britain, where the researchers compared four studies done among British children born in 1946, 1958, 1970 and 2001, to see how weight, height, and BMI (body mass index) were changed among children in different decades.

They analyzed the figures according to social standards to see how the changes in weight and height were affecting children from different social milieu.

What was indicative is that children from lower socio-economic classes, born in 1946, had lower average weight, while children from these same classes, born in 2001, had a higher average weight.

This can be changed with increased awareness of the choice of food we consume.

Organic food is a food rich in micro and macro nutrients. These biogenic elements plants get from the soil. Soil should be rich in these nutrients, so that the plant itself would have the same qualities later on.

In conventional agriculture, by treating soil with artificial fertilizer, we risk that the plant does not get enough essential elements, which causes various physiological disorders in plant metabolism.

We therefore strive to raise awareness of how much the selection of food in everyday nutrition is important for the preservation of our health, and consequently the health of whole planet.

The soil that is not treated with artificial fertilizer, the plants that are not sprayed with pesticides and other chemical products will provide us healthy soil that is suitable for growing healthy, nutritious food, and the consumption of such food will positively affect our health.


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