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Lately, there is a lot of taboo about fruit as food that is full of sugar, so it is automatically puted in a same line with all other sugar-containing products (refined sugar).

Unlike fruit sugar, refined sugar contains nothing but glucose and fructose in equal proportions, while fruit sugar contain a bunch of other nutrients and fibers.

Free sugars do not make us full, they are quickly digested and they immediately enter the bloodstream and raise the level of insulin very quickly.

Fruit contains a large amount of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, and above all fibers. These fibers are the ones that influence the speed of food digestion, in this case sugar. They slow down the process of digestion of sugar from fruit and considerably reduce the sudden blood sugar spike that occurs when refined sugar is digested.

The author of the books “Medical Medium”, “Life changing foods”, “Thyroid healing ” …, Anthony Williams, speaks of the importance of using fruit in everyday diet. Namely, this author, who is New York Times bestseller, says that fruit should be part of our daily diet, especially if we have certain problems that we would like to solve. The books he has written breaks up numerous taboos and tells of the growing fear of fruit, which is perfidily served to us and that we should become aware of what extent is regular fruit nutrition important for maintaining our health.

Namely, fruit has significant antibacterial and antiviral effects, it also affects the aging retardation of organism. Sugar moves each of our cells in the body, especially the brain cells, and therefore it is important to import it, but of course we should always choose right type of sugar, that comes from fruit.

Many of the benefits are provided by fruit nutrition, and therefore fruit should become our daily ally in the maintenance of health or the treatment of undesirable conditions.

A recommendation for everyone, certanly,  is to choose among those fruit that we know how it’s grown. It would be ideal if it’s organic or from a known farmer, in order to enter our body as purely as possible.

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