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Ho’oponopono technique

Ho’oponopono technique

There are numerous techniques that help the expansion of our soul and help us reach our essence, so we can find out who we really are.
Ho’oponopono is one of these techniques and it comes from Hawaii. Its meaning is to “do the right” or “correct the mistake” and that is exactly what we achieve by practicing this technique.

When the book “Zero Borders,” by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakal Hew Len was published, this technique spread to the world.In 2004., Joe heard of an unusual psychologist who healed the whole department of the Prison Psychiatric Hospital in Hawaii, although he never held a single session with the patient face to face. Joe looked for an unusual psychotherapist.

Dr. Hew Len cured the patients using the ancient Hawaiian technique Ho’oponopono. Dr. Len worked for three years at the Hawaii State Hospital, at the Department of Psychiatric ill criminals. The perpetrators of the most serious crimes – murder and rape were placed there. Psychologist would left the hospital after a month of work and most of the staff were on frequent sick leaves, and eventually they would left too.The employees in the department feared of the attack by patients. The situation on the department was worrying. Only a few months after Dr. Len came to the hospital, the heaviest patients who were in the chains were allowed to walk freely, and others who were under heavy sedatives decreased the dose of medication. Some of the patients who were thought never to be released were released! In addition, the staff began to enjoy working at the department, so the absence of employees and sick leaves decreased. After more than three years, this department was closed!

The essence is to see our responsibility in the “problems” that we encounter, therefore we realize that we are not guilty of “the problems” that are happening to us and if we want to solve them, in a way that they do not appear any more , we must accept a full responsibility for them.

This technique begins by saying this 4 words: I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you. As we say this, we turn to God, the Universe, the Creator of everything that is, Infinite Intelligence (call it whatever name you want), and we take responsibility for a certain “unpleasant” event, in the way that we become aware that everything that is happening outside is just a projection of what is in us.

As we speak, I’m sorry, we are slowly becoming aware that we are sorry for not knowing to do something better at that moment, that would prevent us from entering this unpleasant situation. By saying the word-Forgive me we ask that higher power ( infinite intelligence) to forgive us for our misunderstanding of that situation at that time. While we say-I love you, we feel as if we slowly unite with the divine energy, and this pleasant inner feeling already creates feeling that everything is good just as it is. By pronouncing the word-Thank you, which express gratitude for everything that is happening on our way of geting to know ourselves, including those events that our mind label as negative, we become aware that this is all part of our experience through which we learn and grow and we thank the higher intelligence that gives us precisely what we need, although with the mind observed it doesn’t look like that.

When you begin with this technique, this repetition of this 4 words can be just like saying some song that you learn by heart. Maybe you won’t feel anything happening inside you in the begining, but just be persistent and see how things in front of your eyes change and how life gets a deeper meaning.



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